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Our consultants manage a great variety of projects with outstanding expertise, thorough preparation, and full devotion to their clients.

Krisztina Baukovácz
Managing director



Managing director of Xellum Ltd., a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), and vice-president of the Hungarian Association of Management Consultants (VTMSZ).

Krisztina graduated as an architect in 1982, then she worked at the Information Centre of Building as the leader of the editorial team, where she edited the publications and made studies. Apart from this, she also worked as a private designer architect. In 1986 her daughter, Lívia was born.

After her diploma in aesthetics, and her graduation as an economist-engineer (1989), her consultancy career set off with becoming first a consultant then director at MACON Finish-Hungarian Management Consulting Corporation. This is where she learns almost all fields of management consultancy: she makes sector-analyses, strategies, business plans, and as a consultant she actively participates in Hungary’s early privatisation. She leads numerous PHARE-financed projects in the fields of enterprise-development and institutional development, and she also does trainings as a personal coach. She obtains the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) certification and becomes an active member of VTMSZ (Association of Management Consultants in Hungary).

After graduating from BKE-London Business School with an MBA she starts working at KPMG as the manager of the consultancy department. She soon becomes a partner and later the director of the whole department, the first executive of the newly separated KMPG Consulting Ltd. She mostly deals with strategic development, organisational development, financial modelling and efficiency programs. She also deals with the major clients, among which we can find governmental and EU organisations, national and international companies. She joins the board of directors at VTMSZ, becomes a member of SZMT (Hungarian Organisation Development Society), she undertakes other public commissions, has several publications and gives lectures.

In January 2004 Krisztina leaves KPMG and first on her own, then with some former colleagues she starts to work on development projects which demand a great amount of creativity. Later, they found Xellum Ltd., where Krisztina is the managing director, but she primarily works as a consultant. She leads governmental and EU projects, works on strategic, organisational and efficiency developments and makes feasibility studies for investments. She is the vice-president of VTMSZ, member of the CMC committee, very actively participates in the management consulting ’society’ of Hungary, gives lectures and also leads a university course.

Viktor Nyírő

Viktor graduated as an economist in 1990 from the foreign affairs department of Budapest University of Economics (Corvinus University today), where he also obtained both English and Spanish advanced level professional language certificates.

His first job was at American Appraisal Hungary Ltd. (part of Duff&Phelps today), where he mostly participated in business valuations and the preparation of feasibility studies as a financial analyst. As it was the era when the state firms were turned into corporations in Hungary, and when the process of privatisation started in all Central and Eastern European countries, it provided him a great opportunity to get familiar with various industries through the numerous business valuations he participated in. At that time, apart from his professional work, he was also responsible for the training and supervision of colleagues participating in the business valuations.

With two of his close colleagues he founded TND Ltd. in 1994. Based on his previous experience he mostly dealt with business and intangible assets valuations, and participated in the valuation of special purpose, high value assets, such as motorways and hotels.

After his practice as an independent consultant, Viktor joined KPMG’s advisory department. First as a senior manager, then as an associate director he participated in financial consulting activities. He mostly dealt with feasibility studies, economic analyses, business valuations and reviews, and he took part in projects related to the liberalisation of the energy market both as a member and as a leader of consultant workshops. In this period he gains extensive experience in consultancy projects of large teams, and in long-term projects.

In 2004 Viktor co-founded Xellum Ltd. with his friends and former colleagues, with the aim of benefiting from all his knowledge and experience of the previous years, as a leading consultant in a professional team dealing with high quality consultancy projects. Since the foundation of the company, he successfully carried out commissions in various fields of business, but mainly those of energy industry, processing industry, property development and tourism development.

In 2007 he earned the CMC (Certified Management Consultant) title.

Mariann Schainpauer

Mariann started her career in the financial field as a certified accountant, statistician, qualified in corporate planning. She got acquainted with consultancy as a colleague at MACON Finish-Hungarian Management Consulting Corporation, where she had the opportunity to see the diversity of consulting, and to get familiar with the system that is the base of this profession.

From 1997 her career continues at KPMG MaCon, where she works as an assistant consultant and based on her financial affinity she mostly deals with data collection, database management and analyses. Mariann attends the CDS Pennsylvania Business Management course and graduates as an economist at Szécheny István University.

She continues to work with her former colleagues at STRAMACON Management Consulting Ltd., where she mostly participates in projects of business due diligence, economic situation analysis, market and competitiveness valuation, development of strategies, strategic asset-systems and concepts. In 2004 she attends the Quality Management course of Struktúra Quality Development Ltd., and then she develops the company’s ISO quality management system, which she later also monitors and manages.

Since 2008 she is the general secretary of VTMSz, and she also joins Xellum Ltd. in 2009, where she happily works together with her former colleagues again. She deals with the company’s finances, she keeps its records, administrates projects, and she also manages and monitors the quality management system.

Ákos Németh
István Lukács
Managing director



István was born in Kaposvár, in 1967. He spent his high school years in Sopron where he graduated as a forester at Roth Gyula Technical College of Forestry and Primary Timber Industry. He continued his studies at University of Pécs, Faculty of Economics, where he graduated in 1992. In the meantime, he spent six months working and travelling in the United States to improve his English knowledge, and he also spent a semester in The Netherlands with a Tempus scholarship.

In 1992 István started working at the Audit department of KPMG. In the next four years he participated in the auditing and financial due diligence of several Hungarian and multinational companies, first as assistant then as manager. In 1993 he also spent six months at a credit insurance company in Amsterdam. In 1996 he was certified as a UK Chartered Accountant(ACCA).

In 1996 István moved to KPMG’s Corporate Finance department, where he first worked as a manager then as a senior manager in the next three years. He was primarily responsible for KPMG’s M&A advisory services, business valuation, and the preparation of feasibility studies and industry analyses. István lead most of the department’s projects as project manager. By 2001 he acquired the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certificate, which greatly fostered his professional evolution.

In 1999 he had the opportunity to create a separate group within KPMG’s Consultancy department. First, the group was responsible for business valuation, financial modelling and analysis, then the services were expanded to other fields of financial consultancy, such us cost management and performance management, mainly of large enterprises.

In 2000 István was appointed as partner of KPMG. At the same time, his circle of responsibilities expanded. He created the Supply Chain Management group, which was mainly responsible for business process reengineering (BPR) and organisational development. He obtained the necessary theoretical background to perform these new tasks at courses and by acquiring the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) certification.

During his career of eleven years at KPMG, István had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients on hundreds of projects, mostly as project manager. Another important increment of these years was that he got to know a multinational company by taking part in its decision making processes and by seeing its operation, advantages and disadvantages from the lowest point of its echelon, up till its senior management level.

In 2004 he co-founded Xellum with some of his friends and former colleagues. Since then, they developed partnerships with several new clients of various consultancy projects. In 2009 István’s tasks were expanded to include not only business but also grant consultancy. Owing to this, they successfully completed numerous projects both at the institutional and at the applicant sides.

László Puczkó, PhD

László graduated in 1993 as an economist specialized in tourism and logistics at Budapest University of Economics. Then, led by his interest in culture and arts, he completed a dance teaching course at the Hungarian Institute of Culture and Arts (1995), and also graduated from the Art & Design Management from the Hungarian University of Applied Arts (1996). He also completed his PhD studies in 2000. He became a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) in 2003. He was the President of the Association of Tourism Consultants between 2006 and 2013, and founded The Tourism Observatory for Health, Healing, Wellness and Spa (2012). Between 2007 and 2010 he was member of the Board of Directors at the Travel and Tourism Research Association Europe Chapter.

In the past 25 years László has tried himself at many different, not necessarily related, but very interesting fields: he has worked in a travel agency or choreographed dance performances. He has spent the longest time in education and consultancy. He lectures at various institutes of higher education both abroad (e.g. Germany, Austria, Estonia, Switzerland) and in Hungary. At present, he is the professional consultant of the Budapest Metropolitan University.

He is the (co-)author of numerous specialised books (e.g.: Health and Wellness Tourism, Impacts of Tourism (in English), Az attrakciótól az élményig (From attractions to experiences), Turizmus történelmi városokban (Tourism in Historic Cities) (in Hungarian)) and articles in professional journals.

He has begun his professional tourism and travel consultancy career at the Tourism Research Centre of Budapest University of Economic Sciences, where he worked until 2001. Then he joined the Travel, Leisure and Tourism Team of KPMG, where he had the chance to experience how it is to work at a multinational company and in its international milieu.

In 2004 he decided that an ideal match to his lifestyle would be a smaller and more personal company, and so he co-founded (and named) Xellum Ltd. The since past years and the professional partners provided him the opportunity to benefit from his knowledge and broaden his experiences in his fields of interest: tourism, museums, experiences and spas.

He participated in more than a hundred projects in various fields: research, strategic and tactic planning, product development, experience mapping and design, impact assessment and marketing in destination management, transport, heritage and cultural tourism, eco-tourism, spas and other specialised or thematic touristic and leisure products.

László is an internationally known and acknowledged expert, he has been a guest lecturer of professional and academic conferences and congresses in over 40 countries.

Károly Teleki

I graduated from international relations department of the Budapest University of Economics and Public Administration (Corvinus University today) in 1999. During my years at the university I also spent an Erasmus semester in France.

I worked at VÁTI Kht for four years from 2001, as a program planner at the Strategic Planning Office of the Regional Development Board, where my field of responsibility was economic development. During these years I participated in the preparation and negotiation of numerous national, regional and interregional programs and grant applications, on both national and EU level (regional PHARE, PHARE CBC programs, I. National Development Plan, Regional Operative Program, INTERREG IIIA community initiative program (CIP) and additional program).

In 2004 I started working at the Deputy State Secretary for Foreign Economic Relations of the Ministry of Economy and Transport, where I lead the Department of Economic Development Programs as a Deputy Head then Head of department. Apart from the professional and operative management my responsibilities included institutional and policy strategy making (GKM, Hungarian Investment-incentive Strategy), preparation and execution of national and EU co-financed economic developments’ strategic documents and grant application calls (Széchenyi Plan, SMART Hungary, GVOP, GOP), professional management of the supervised institutions and intermediary organizations (RTk Kht., MVf Kht, MFB Rt., ITDH Kht.) and scheduling their performance-based financing,  budget planning and execution up to 50 billion HUF/year, and the regulatory activity related to the professional field. In 2004 I passed the professional exam in public administration.

In 2006 I was appointed director of the Strategic and Evaluation Directorate of VÁTI Kht, where my responsibility was the professional and operative management of an organization – of 35 people in 3 offices – that performed partly governmental background institute tasks. My responsibilities included the support of the preparation and execution of national programs (NFT I-II., ROP (2004-2006, 2007-2013), GOP, AVOP, ÁROP, Interreg III A, ETE, UMVP) and EU programs (Balaton, Tisza, Tanya, Termál program), institutional (VÁTI) and policy (OTK) strategy-making, project cooperation in national and international consortiums (6. K+F keretprogram, ESPON) in the field of regional and rural development, management of evaluation (ROP, AVOP, SAPARD), research and economic analysis tasks, and the support of the realization of developmental projects in various fields. From 2007 I lead the Directorate of Area Policy and Information Services of VÁTI Kht. as managing director, with 85 people in 4 offices. My previous responsibilities expanded to IT management (database handling and development – TEIR) and documentation management tasks.

From 2008 I continued the business advisory tasks with my partners in our own enterprise. Since 2009 our tasks also include grant application consultancy and project management, and we have completed numerous successful projects both on the institutional and on the application side.

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