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In management consulting, success does not depend on the size of a company, but on an appropriate strategy and a matching business plan – the key is the committed, prepared and experienced consultant.

We founded our enterprise in 2004 based on this principle. Five well-known consultants and an experienced office manager, who had previously worked together for years in a big international company; consultancy experience adding up to a hundred years and hundreds of successful projects – this is what we could always build on right from the start.

Through our previous work, all of us learned the international methods and means of the profession of consultancy, and have become committed to quality, transparency and systematic work. However, we preferred to concentrate on the custom needs of our clients, rather than on administration and bureaucracy.

It was of special importance to create a professional but familiar environment where we know that all our colleagues are experienced experts in their fields complying with the ethical norms, and where we can work with each other and the company without compromises. We created a real partnership.

Our name is also driven from this concept: it is a fantasy word that may express our creativity and uniqueness. 

We have been operating for nearly 20 years now, and we are still focused on professional excellence, the service of our clients, and the efficiency and success of our company. Besides that, we also feel good in the friendly and homely atmosphere of our company. Xellum has really become a brand both in the consultancy profession and among clients.

Our main fields of expertise: strategic consulting and management, organizational development, operational development, process development, cost-effectiveness, business planning and assessment, programme and grant advisory, project management, and consultancy specialized in tourism and leisure.
Our consultants manage a great variety of projects with outstanding expertise, thorough preparation, and full devotion to their clients.
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